SterraClimb Closes $1.5M Seed Round

PRINCETON, N.J., December 15, 2012 — SterraClimb LLC has closed $1.5 Million in Seed Round financing. The robotics company has closed with 10 investors after unveiling its flagship disruptive product, the world’s first robotic stair-climbing handtruck for transporting heavy loads up and down stairs for industry and consumer. According to Founder and CEO Steven Kamara, SterraClimb promises to revolutionize goods-transport industries ranging from packing shipping to bottled water delivery to moving. page speed test SterraClimb’s disruptive product promises to drastically cut down carrying-based injuries and their resulting workers compensation expenses, as well as to significantly increase delivery efficiency.

SterraClimb will use the money to bring its industrial unit closer to market by finalizing its prototype, continuing its IP protection, as well as developing early market traction.

SterraClimb LLC is a Robotics company focused on the development and commercialization of novel and intelligent load transport equipment to increase delivery safety and efficiency for industry as well as for the consumer.