SterraClimb Industrial

SterraClimb’s feature product is SterraClimb® Industrial, the World’s First Robotic Stair-Climbing Transporter that Solves the Problem of Transporting Heavy Goods Up and Down Stairs. SterraClimb® Industrial is designed to transport loads up to 250 lbs, a weight capacity that is adequate to fulfill the load-transport demands for all of the industry-specific uses of SterraClimb’s target markets. This model is slated to address the cartage needs of large shipping carriers who face load requirements and transportation challenges more stringent than do consumers.

The Industrial solution is designed not only to satisfy efficiency and In addition to potential adopters like UPS, FedEx, DHL, the Company intends to market the Industrial solution to moving companies (U-Haul and smaller companies), water cartage companies (Nestle, Danone) and other large enterprises.

The Company’s industrial product will increase productivity metrics for these customers, and also drastically reduce worker compensation claims and other overhead associated with the functional shortfalls of current load-transport solutions.