SterraClimb Consumer

SterraClimb® Consumer is the Company’s base unit for motorized portable cartage. The handtruck climbs stairs (up and down) under loads of up to 100 lbs. The unit’s L-­shaped frame is sturdy and holds loads at a low center of gravity. Stair navigation is achieved via a motorized, patent-­pending tri-­wheel mechanism. With “grocery bin” attachments, the handtruck may carry grocery bags; in its basic configuration, the unit carries boxes, small furniture, musical instruments and other medium-­scope loads. Items may be fastened to the unit with a regulation safety strap. SterraClimb’s core tri-wheel technology allows for the simplest continuous method for navigating stairs. The tri-­wheel rotates to climb successive steps, actuated by a simple push button located on the carrying handle. Tri-­wheel technology allows for continuous stair-­climbing functionality on all types of stairs, because the individual wheels rotate independently, compensating for any potential calculation variances in each respective wheel. SterraClimb® Consumer climbs down stairs via a proprietary braking mechanism. It operates quietly, with a virtually silent motor.