Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Injuries across Multiple Industries

Total Addressable Market: $3.5B



SterraClimb intends to target the private shipping service industry with its Industrial cartage solution. Workers for these companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.) carry heavy loads continuously throughout every work day. The Company’s Industrial product will allow for increased efficacy in such tasks, accruing to time savings, cost savings, increased workplace safety and health risk minimization.


Industrial moving companies will see an increase in worker safety and productivity with SterraClimb Industrial, while DIY movers like U-Haul will be able to increase their revenues by adding a new item to their arsenal of rentable accessories.

Food and Beverage Distributors

From beer delivery for bars to bottled water delivery for homes and offices, SterraClimb Industrial offers a new mode of getting beverage products to destination safely and efficiently. As a consultant for Danone Group has reported, Danone Group and Nestle Waters, two of the largest bottled water companies, are two instances of beverage delivery companies that can benefit substantially by such a product introduction. As in the case of generalized shipping carriers, workers for these companies can decrease health risk and increase productivity via use of the SterraClimb solution.


At a time when budgets are tight, SterraClimb offers the government the same value proposition as the private sector. SterraClimb will save federal, state, and local government money in labor and injury reduction.  In addition, for the thousands of government buildings that still lack elevators, SterraClimb represents a fast and simple solution to moving heavy objects (such as cases of documents and hard-copy files) indoors or out.


SterraClimb’s future plans include taking an already-patented military product to market. The US military’s growing use of robotics technology represents a promising avenue for SterraClimb’s expansion.



For institutions that frequently find themselves moving and transferring a high volume of printed matter, SterraClimb’s advantages are obvious. University administrators and student moving agencies can keep units on hand to aid students in moving in and out of the thousands of dormitory buildings without elevators.



The building trades represent one of SterraClimb’s largest target markets. Construction is a labor-intensive industry with a high injury rate; SterraClimb Industrial will increase efficiency while easing the burden on workers’ backs and knees, leading to reduced labor costs and fewer Workers’ Compensation payouts. There are always new buildings going up, and SterraClimb will be there to aid in quickly and safely moving heavy materials and tools from floor to floor inside a building.


Small Business

Many small businesses experience cartage needs on a constant basis, and struggle with the cost of health care costs deriving from workplace-related injuries. For these entities, an investment in SterraClimb solutions ameliorates these strains on bottom line performance and increases speed and ease of goods delivery and moving. Some small businesses currently employ freight units with gliding track systems, particularly in environments of inventory constraint; for these, SterraClimb’s Industrial solution enables savings in equipment cost, operator cost, space cost and health care overhead.

The small businesses that serve as a target market include beverage distributors, paper distributors, small moving companies, construction companies, and a host of other labor-intensive small business enterprises.


SterraClimb’s Consumer unit makes life easier for the aging baby-boomer population. Getting groceries up the stairs and into the home is a challenge for senior citizens and anyone with a bad back; SterraClimb Consumer eliminates the need for lifting, and makes trips up and down stairs safe, swift, and simple.